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Labworks – Finishing / QC

Labworks – Finishing / QC is designed for use in an industrial plating environment. The software addresses the problem of not being able to get up-to-the-minute production and quality control information. Also it provides a means to chart, store, correlate, analyse and retrieve data in a fast and reliable manner. Internal and external (customer) reports can be generated with ease and accuracy. 20 years in development, tried and tested in an industrial setting, Labworks – Finishing / QC has proven to be an effective management and presentation tool.

The application described here¬†was created to meet the needs of specific finishing companies. All options, data entered, graphs, printouts, etc. can be modified to suit your company’s needs. New options can also be developed and added to any Labworks application. READ MORE

Buzzer Controller

Buzzer Controller Software

Providing Buzzer & On/Off Relay Control Systems for over 16 years!
Product has a proven track record of running 24/7 in excess of 12 years

The Buzzer Controller / Alarm Scheduler can be programmed from any machine on the network to fire a buzzer (shift start/end, lunch, break, wash-up, etc) at set times. Over 100 Alarms can be programmed to fire in one of three patterns, on the selected days of the week. This hardware allows you to sync your network time with the buzzers in your plant / time clock. The hardware also comes with one aux relay controller that can be programmed to turn on or off any device at preset times, or used as a second alarm zone