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Buzzer / Alarm Controller      $ 669 DESCRIPTION
The Highly Popular and Reliable (units 10 years old still running 24/7) Buzzer Controller / Alarm Scheduler can be programmed from any machine on the network to fire a buzzer (shift start/end, lunch, break, wash-up, etc) at set times. Over 100 Alarms can be programmed to fire in one of three patterns, on the selected days of the week. This hardware allows you to sync your network time with the buzzers in your plant / time clock. Also includes a aux relay controller that can be programmed to turn on or off any device at preset times, or used as a second alarm zone. More Info

Your Company Could Easily Save

Over $700 / Year
On Name Brand Toner without the Box Store Prices, delivered direct to your company.

We provide ONLY name brand factory sealed original toner form all the leading manufactures;
Brother, Lexmark, Canon, HP at a 10%~25% Savings. 

Savings Examples: (Updated 01/27/2014)







Lexmark 64015HA Black Toner Cartridge, High Yield

Lexmark 64015HA Black Toner Cartridge, High Yield

Yields up to 21,000 pages 

Lexmark T640 Series
Lexmark T642 Series
Lexmark T644 Series





Lexmark 12A7462 Black Toner Cartridge, High Yield

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 Yields up to 21,000 pages

Lexmark T630 Series
Lexmark T632 Series
Lexmark T634 Series
Lexmark X630
Lexmark X632 Series





HP 29X Black Toner Cartridge, High Yield

 Yields up to 10,000 pages


HP LaserJet 5000 Series
HP LaserJet 5100 Series.






Lexmark X560H2KG Black  Toner Cartridge, High Yield

Description: Click here to enlarge product image(s)

Yields up to 10,000 pages

Lexmark X560 series

Color Carts For this printer:
X560H2CG - Cyan
X560H2YG - Yellow
X560H2MG - Magenta













* Yearly savings is based on typical business use of five cartridges / year

Start Saving Today, itís Easy:

  1. Get a custom quote for your Toner / Ink needs
    1. Send us a list of the manufacture part numbers of the toner your using to quotes@softwareartist.com
    2. You will receive a reply giving you a price and comparison information on your toner, and a easy to fill out order form
  2. Fill out the order form with anything you wish to order right away and email it back to us.
  3. Pay for your order online, your product will arrive next business day in most cases



    We offer a wide range of Hi-End Specialty products from laptops, desktops to specialized hand held computing solutions, Server Room Monitoring.

We are a Registered Dell Partner Direct Corporate Company

We can Advise, Quote, Order, and Supply all Dell products from there full product line of Personal, Small Business and Enterprise Solutions.

We can handle your complete purchase, simply and easily.

Dell products can be directly shipped to your location.

This is the BEST Internet Privacy Service I Personally Use;

I Pay $19.95 for 4 months of Encrypted VPN service, I can be 100% Anonymous on the internet,
connect to any country, get around all region locked media/pages, download data without
any risk of my ISP banning my account, bandwidth throttling, getting letters in the mail or any snooping.
This serviced is well worth the $5 a month (when you sign up for quarterly billing)
and best of yet one account can be used on 5 devices!


    Windows Server 2003/08/12, Small Business Server, Symantec End Point Protection, Networking, Custom Application and Web Design.


Plant Alarms / Buzzer Control (Big Seller!)

The Buzzer Controller (Hardware / Software) can be programmed from any machine on the network to fire a buzzer (shift start/end, lunch, break, etc) at set times. Over 90 Alarms can be programmed to fire in one of three patterns + one variable length sounding, on selected days of the week. The hardware also comes with one (standard model) aux relay controller that can be programmed to turn on or off at preset times. This hardware allows you to sync your network time with the buzzers in your plant / timeclock.


Labworks - Finishing / QC

In use in some of the largest automotive platers, coaters, and chemical suppliers in North America.

    The Software Artist is a custom software design and programming firm. Many different applications have been produced on a wide variety of computer platforms. We have been creating and constantly improving software targeted for plating companies since 1989, suited to their particular requirements. With over nine years of experience creating plating software we understand the complexities of different plating processes, testing procedures, etc.

Labworks - Finishing / QC

Labworks - Finishing / QC is designed for use in an industrial finishing environment. The name suggests that the application is only applied in the lab, but over the years Labworks has grown in features and functionality to include many areas. Over nine years in development, and currently in use in some of the largest automotive finishers, and well known job shops in North America, Labworks - Finishing has proven to be an indispensable tool.

Production Applications

These various applications were designed to address the problem of not being able to get up-to-the-minute quality control, and production information. This section gives an overview of some of the applications written:
- Production: Production Reports, FTQ Graphs, Production Scheduling, Schedule Attainment, Resource Usage, Resource Utilization, Opportunity Lists, Problem Solving, Preclean / Strip / Racking Logs, Production Adjustments, Cost of Quality, Buffing / Polishing Reports and Analysis, etc.
- Production Viewer: Production Tracking, Bar coding of product, Inspection/Rejects) allow you to watch your production line from anywhere in real time (production, rejects, Quality graphs, reports. Some customers even have sections for; security camera images, who's currently punched in, phone call tracking, etc)

Human Resources / Punch Clock / Payroll

Human Resources / Punch Clock allows your employees to punch in and out, break down there hrs into job classes. This information is used for payroll, and also interfaces with various production applications we produce. (labor costs / bar, etc.) It also included many human resources functions and employee management, Attendance Tracking, Employee Incident Tracking, etc.

Inventory / Tank Solution Value

Labworks - Inventory was designed to provide a way to track product purchases and usage's with extensive history. This application’s unique abilities are ideally suited for a manufacturing environment. Tested and used for over five years, it has proven to be a very effective tool in inventory cost management for plating companies.

Shipping & Receiving / Invoicing

Labworks - Shipping & Receiving was designed to track product flow into and out of a manufacturing facility. The application covers; Shipping, Receiving, Invoicing, Supplier/Customer Information, Incoming Inspection Logs, Tooling Logs, and QS Approval Tracking, Emailing of shipments, etc.


  • Point of Sale Software, and Inventory Management for Bedroom Depot Limited Store Chain
  • Newspaper Subscriber Management & Postal Sorting Software for Old Auto's Newspaper
  • Auto clubs, Coming events, and Classified Ad Management software for Old Auto's Newspaper
  • Production Counter counts switch hits (limit switches, light curtains, etc) and stores the switch number, date, time, count, elapsed since last hit in a database. The software allows for a delay before re-trip for parts that may have holes / cutouts. The standard model will monitor six switches. This product has many uses, and can even be custom ordered to provide variable current input, temperature, etc. Information from the microcontroller can be fed directly to the web for real time anywhere in the word machine monitoring.



  • TeamViewer
    • Connects to any PC or server around the world within a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it
  • WinZip
    • WinZip is the original and most popular of all Windows ZIP file utilities
    • Wizard/Classic interfaces accommodate both first-time and experienced users.
    • With WinZip you can quickly and easily compress / decompress files or folders to save storage space and reduce e-mail-transmission time.
    • You can also use it to encrypt and decrypt your sensitive documents.
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
    • Scans your RAM, Registry, hard drives, and external storage devices for known data-mining, advertising, and tracking components.
    • Anti-Malware is a surprisingly effective freeware antimalware tool.
  • Space Monger
    • This is a tool for keeping track of the free space on your computer. Each file or folder on a given drive is displayed in a box in the main window whose size is a relative comparison to all the other files in your system. This makes it real easy to see where your space is being used.



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