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 The Software Artist Limited (Updated Sep 15/2014)

    "The Software Artist Limited." is a custom software design and programming firm. This link contains information on some of the programs, (Labworks - Finishing / QC, Timeclock, Human Resources, Inventory, Production, Shipping, etc.) hardware, and companies (Harley-Davidson, Meridian Automotive Systems, Chromeshield Co., Atotech, MacDermid Inc, etc.) we have written applications for. 

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My Book "The Philadelphia Experiment From A-Z"  (Updated Jul 28/2008)

    Yet to be released my book encompasses every aspect of the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943, using more then 300 Pages in 9"x6" format. This page also contains files and links to other Fringe science, and Ufology Pages. Over A Million Visitors!

(Voted 2002-2004 Golden Web Award, Best of the Web by SelectSurf,  100% Weird by TNT,  Mystic Site of the Web Award of Excellence, and Links2Go Key Resource, Best of the Web by The Road Kill Cafe, and Diamond Web Award 2002-2003)

Andrews Scrapbook (Updated Apr 15/2011)

    Various pictures of me, and places I have been featuring Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Waterfalls, Lighthouses, Flowers, New Orleans, Animals, Bugs, and pictures from my various TV appearances. 

Our Pets (Updated Jul 13/2008)

    Pictures of our pets doing what they do best, laying around and playing.

Geology & Fossil Hunting (Updated Jul 2/2003)

    Some pictures of fossils I have collected in SW Ontario, and the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia. You will also find information on my "Help A School Project." that has been created to help schools that can not afford to purchase materials, receive quality class sets of fossils

A Day of Filming On US Marshals (Updated Feb 19/2002)

    While in New York to be filmed for a British TV Mini Series call "Science of the Impossible," I took some behind the scenes pictures of the Tommy Lee Jones & Wesley Snipes movie "US Marshals." 


    We have a LX200 12" Telescope, and Pictor 416XT CCD Imaging camera. This page has images of our scope, as well as some pictures taken with it.

My Ever Evolving Lego Robot Project (Updated Jun 8/2001)

   Pictures and information about my Lego robot, and links to other robotics information.

Earth 2: New Pacificon 96 Trip Report & Pictures (Updated Mar 26/2001)

    Information and Pictures from my trip to New Mexico to attend the first fan run Earth2 Convention: "New Pacificon 96" Here you will find pictures of Clancy Brown, Jessica Steen, John Gegenhuber, Joey Zimmerman, and other cast members. (Awarded "3 star StarPages" award, for it's Joey Zimmerman content)

Life in the 13th century (Updated Sep 13/1998)

    Being immortal is tough, but the SCA (Society for the Creative Anachronism) makes life in this century a little more bearable. This link contains some pictures, and information about my life in the current middle ages.

Recent Books I Have Read (Updated Dec 8/2004)

Shadow Divers By Robert Kurson
The “U-Who” and German soldiers’ stories “have settled,” Kurson writes, at the bottom of the sea, “where one uncovers the freeze-frames of final human experience.” Critics compare Shadow Divers, a danger-filled adventure story that blends action, mystery, science, and military history, to Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air and Sebastian Unger’s Perfect Storm. Like these true-adventure authors, Kurson, contributing editor to Esquire, definitely knows how to tell a story (some parts were previously covered in a PBS “Nova” segment). In vivid prose, he writes,+“It is one thing … to slither in near-total darkness through a shipwreck’s twisted, broken mazes, each room a potential trap of swirling silt and collapsing structure. It is another to do so without knowing that someone did it before you and lived.”Chatterton and Kohler both lived, though others died along the way. Kurson brings all the players back to life, recounting their perilous dives, jealousies, and life-threatening dangers with heart-stopping detail. The best parts recreate the lives of the German sailors aboard the “U-Who.” Despite the book’s riveting topic, a few critics complain that Chatterton and Kohler, whom Kurson made into business partners, hyped up their stories. But the most serious issue involves questions about the divers’ ethics and motives, which Kurson doesn’t address. These flaws, however, barely undermine a remarkable story about two men who risked their lives to uncover a lost piece of World War II history.

More Books I have Read & Recommend

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My Home Office and Me holding a 4+ft Bastered Sword.

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Web Awards

        The pages on my web site have received the following Awards

TNT 100% Weird Web Award    Select Surf Best of The Web Award  

2002-2003 Golden Web Award Mystic Site of the Web Award of Excellence

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The Best of the Hubble Space Telescope
SETI@home is a grand experiment to harness the spare power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI.)

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By Mail: The Software Artist Limited, 195 Ellis Street, Chatham, Ontario, Canada, N7L 2L9

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