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    Labworks - Inventory was designed to provide a way to track product purchase and usage with extensive history. This application's unique abilities are ideally suited for a manufacturing environment. Tested and used for over five years, it has proven to be a very effective tool in inventory, and solution cost management for plating, and other manufacturing companies.


bulletNo Endless Payments, Purchase and it's yours
bulletNo Annual Maintenance Fees
bulletNo Extra Charges For Number of Users
bulletNo Reasonable Phone Support Fees
bulletThis is not "Canned Software"
bulletSections of the software can be tailored to fit your specific needs
bulletNew Ideas / Sections can be developed
bulletInventory Purchase and Usage Tracking with instantly accessible history.
bulletAuto unit conversion on all quantity fields (e.g. Pounds <> Kilograms, Gallons <> Liters, etc.)
bulletPurchase Book
bulletSupplier List, and QS/ISO9000/2 Approval Information
bulletCategory List
bulletTank Solutions
bulletUnique Product finder
bulletInventory is consumed using the First In / First Out method
bulletExport Reports to your favorite spreadsheet program
bulletProducts and Solutions can be grouped in categories for easy reference.
bulletUsages can be expressed as general usages, or broken down into usages on a specific production line.
bulletReports for physical inventory count, inventory list, current assessed market value of inventory and amount of materials used purchased.
bulletNetwork Compatible, fully tested under Novell Netware 2.11 & 3.11, Windows For Workgroups, Windows 95/98, Windows NT 3.51-2000
bulletFour Levels of security for each section View, Add, Modify, and Full (Delete.)
bulletTested and running for over four years in more then one industrial plating company.
bulletCut, Copy, Paste to / from any application to Labworks - Inventory
bulletAll screens in Labworks allows the user easy access to a full featured scientific calculator.
bulletIntelligent Database Engine, Databases never need to be "Packed" deleted records are re-used.   


Inventory Control

bulletAccess complete information on a product's status.
bulletDisplays the full history of the last 150 purchases and usages.
bulletInformation of the product's history including a graphs of the last 20 Purchases or Usages. Summary information includes; Aprox cost per day, usage per day, trends, etc.
bulletDisplay all products in a spread sheet format, with products needing to be reordered highlighted. Instantly sort by any field by clicking it's heading.
bulletFlag individual products for numerous reasons such as:
    - Fluctuating Price (Products governed by the stock market. e.g. metals)
    - Fluctuating Quantity
    - Hiding low volume product from day to day use.
bulletOrder/view/search products using five indexes: Product Name, Category, Product Number, Units of Measurement, Qnty
bulletExtensive Inventory Navigation system. All items are placed in an outline tree under various branches like: Categories, Beginning letter, any word, etc. With this system you could look up Buffing Belts 12x6 under say the "Polishing" Category, under "B", under "Buffing", "Belts", or "12x6."
bulletEdit all any part of a purchase or usage report.
bulletEnter starting quantities with a easy to use editor where you can enter the quantity, and either the price / unit or the total value, date, etc.

Solution Value Control

bulletEasily add any number of tank solutions, and the products / quantities that make up a the solution.
bulletUp to eight products (from your inventory database) may be in one solution.
bulletAutomatically updates the value of each solution based on last purchase prices of inventory items.
bulletGroup tank solutions into one or more categories / Lines
bulletOrder / view / search solutions using five indexes: Solution Name, Solution Line, Solution Category, Solution Volume, Solution Number.
bulletGraphs solution values and costs.
bulletView Solutions in a spreadsheet like view.

Purchase Book / Receive Inventory

bulletNeed to do Description

Enter Purchases / Usages

bulletWhen entering the name of the Supplier, selections may be made from a virtual scrolling window of the suppliers on file. Once a supplier is chosen, the complete supplier record is displayed.
bulletFor entering the Product purchased, an Instant Search feature is used whereby only the initial letter(s) need be inputted, after which you can scroll through the list until the desired product is found. Once a product is selected, further product information is displayed.
bulletAll quantity input fields convert to the measuring system used by the product you are purchasing. If you normally purchase chemical a in Pounds, and you purchase 100 Kg, you simply enter "100K" and the program performs the conversion for you. There are over 11 conversion keys, including various inches of chemical to pounds.
bulletOnce the quantity is entered, the change in stock level is reflected.
Any number of products can be entered from a single invoice.
bulletProduct histories are automatically updated.
bulletWhen entering usages, one key short cuts will increase or decrease the date of the usage by one, or the production line number the product was used on.

Enter Physical Inventory

bulletEnter physical stock levels for accurate stock control.
bulletDisplays detailed product/inventory information in a spread sheet format with full control / editing features, including zoom in / out capabilities.
bulletThe difference between the current quantity and the physical inventory is considered a usage, and a value of the used product is calculated based on the purchase price of the product used.
bulletProduct histories and current levels are automatically updated.
bulletAll quantity fields include the Auto Conversion feature.

Supplier List

bulletSupplier list may be exported as an ASCII file for mail merging or imported into other applications.
bulletOrder/view/search suppliers using three indexes: Supplier Name, Supplier Number, Contact Name
bulletThe Following Information is Stored; Supplier Name, Number, Payment Terms, Payment Currency Type {US/CAN}, Tax 1 {PST}, Tax 2 {GST}, Complete Address, Phone # & Ext, Fax # & Ext, Account #, Contact Name, Notes, Purchase Order Attach Notes
bulletQS/ISO9000/2 Approval Information is also stored: Supplier Level, Original Approved on, Approved, Initials, Assessment Complete, Re-Ass in x Days, Last Assessment Dates, Approved, and Initials for Quality, Price, and Delivery, The suppliers Delivery Rating & Quality Rating, and next reassessment dates.
bulletPrinted Reports; Current Supplier, Supplier Address List, Supplier Phone List, Supplier Approval List
bulletA unique feature is the ability to display a supplier's telephone number in a font half as large as the screen (e.g. 4" high) for high visibility for easy dialing.

Category List

bulletBreak your inventory into smaller more manageable groups.
bulletDefine one or more different categories like Waste Treatment, Metals, Cleaners, etc.
bulletUsed in printing reports to total your products by category.
bulletCategory Database stores the following information to disk:
    - Category Name, Account Number, and Notes.

Printed Reports

bulletUses any standard Windows printer.
bulletAll custom fonts, text, graphics, and graphs are scaled to the output devices resolution. Easily print out sharp reports using resolutions above 300x300 dpi.
bulletVarious print options are available including: specifying the page orientation, paper size, paper source, printing resolution, number of copies, etc.
bulletCurrent time, date, page and title of report is printed on each page.
bulletInformation is printed in full or by one or more selected categories.
bulletProducts with a current value of "$0.00" can be skipped.
bulletSummary information is printed at the end of a report. (e.g. averages, totals, grand totals, etc.)
bulletInventory Sheet: Prints a list of all products or products in the selected groups for physical inventory counts.
bulletInventory Value: Print list of current inventory, the total individual quantities and the assessed value based on last purchase price. On flagged products, assessed value may be replaced with current market value by user.
bulletSolution Value: Recalculates the value of each solution based on last purchase price.
bulletPurchase Report: Print all products purchased between selected start and end dates, with complete totals.
bulletDetailed Purchase Report: Print all products purchased between selected start and end dates, including full information on each purchase, and complete totals
bulletUsage Report: Print all usages and stock adjustments between selected start and end dates.
bulletLine Usage Report

Export Reports

bulletExport your information in various ways to your favorite spreadsheet
bulletExport all usages or purchases in a twelve month by month comparison grid expressed in either dollars or quantities.
bulletExport inventory purchases or usages in a detailed format
bulletExport current inventory levels and values

Extra Options Include

bulletBackup / Restore Data: Performs a "Quick" compressed backup to the Hard disk (used daily) or optionally backup to any storage device (floppy disks, Zip Disks, Network Drive.) Complete with a backup manager, and information.
bulletProgram Changes Information: Displays program update information or additional information on enhancements on new versions installed.
bulletView Usage Log: This allows the production manager, or other staff to monitor options used in the program and the time it is taking users to enter reports / data.
bulletRequest Changes: Allows Program Owners to enter/log and prioritize requested software changes.
bulletProgram Version Information: Displays the current software version, and serial number.
bulletShow System Information: (Database, and Network Status): Displays complete information on the system, database engine, and network. Also estimates the free amount of information (reports/readings) your system has space to store before becoming full.
bulletUser Access Setup allows the software administrator to setup user accounts with various access rights.


Dura-Chrome, Wallaceburg, Ontario.

Chromeshield_Logo.gif (5964 bytes)

Chromeshield Co., Windsor, Ontario

A.W.K. Industrial Coatings, Chatham, Ontario

Chrome Craft Corp.

Highland Park, Michigan


Here is some pictures of the Labworks - Inventory application, you can click on any image to view a full screen version.

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E-Mail:   at: andrew@softwareartist.com

By Mail: The Software Artist Limited, 195 Ellis Street, Chatham, Ontario, Canada, N7L 2L9

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