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Various Pictures from the Hopewell Cape Rocks:

    The following pictures were taken on Jun 16th, 2000.

Hopewell Cape Rocks - Near High Tide

Near High Tide

Hopewell Cape Rocks - Waiting for the Tide to go out

Me waiting for the tide to go out.

Hopewell Cape Rocks

Hopewell Cape Rocks - Low Tide

Finley we can walk under this amazing rock formation. (me under the rocks)

Hopewell Cape Rocks - Low Tide

Getting near low tide

Hopewell Cape Rocks - Low Tide

Hopewell Cape Rocks - Low Tide  Hopewell Cape Rocks - Low Tide

Hopewell Cape Rocks

Hopewell Cape Rocks

Here you can see the large rocks embedded in the rock formations

Hopewell Cape Rocks Steps Leading Down  Hopewell Cape Rocks - From Above  

The steps leading down to the Bay floor

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