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Help A School Project

    I have had a number of requests in the past from schools, inquiring if I could help them with some samples. The "Help A School Project" has been created to help schools that can not afford to purchase materials, receive quality class sets of fossils. If you are a teacher and would like your school added to the "Help A School Project" list, Please E-mail me. When I receive enough donations (shipping fossils being heavy costs $15 alone) to help a school I will collect and send out a set of fossils (75 or more fossils.) to the next school on the list.

School Name School Location Status
David Middle School San Antonio Independent School District Helped - October 6th / 2002
Discovery Intermediate School 5350 San Miguel Rd
Poinciana, FL
No Donations Yet as of:
Jul 2nd / 2003

To Donate to the Help A School Project Please Click Below:

To Date (May 12/2003) $0.00 has been donated, I am honestly surprised that this non profit Idea has not generated more school interest.

Recent People who have donated:

bulletAndrew Hochheimer (myself)
bulletYour Name Here :)

Letters From The Kids:

    Coming Soon :)

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Some Pictures taken at Fossil Joggins Cliffs, Bay of Fundy Shore, Nova Scotia

Joggins Fossil Center Museum, a good place to go go before looking for fossils on the cliffs. - June 18/2000

Low Tide - June 18/2000


Upper Carboniferous Tree stump - June 16th / 2000


One of four 300 or so million year old Carboniferous tree roots I was able to collect. - July /1998

The same piece of root from the other side.

Fossil Joggins Cliffs

 Upper Carboniferous Tree stump - July /1998

Dino Tracks

Alicia Pointing out a fossilized track way of an Arthroplura  - July /1998

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Some of the Fossils I Collected From Hungry Hollow, ON:

    These are good samples of the fossils included in a class sets for the "Help a School Project."

Pieces of various Trilobites

Various Brachiopods from Hungry Hollow in Arkona, Ontario.

Close up of a Brachiopod from Hungry Hollow in Arkona, Ontario.

More Brachiopods

Button Coral

Crinoid Stems & Discs


Horn corals (zaphrentis prolifica) are the most common fossils found.

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Some Other Pictures taken at various locations:

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta

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Southwest Ontario Fossil Links

bulletHungry Hollow - My favorite place
bullet Hungry Hollow - Driving Directions
bulletRoyal Ontario Museum - Discovery Centre, Fossils Cyber-Display - Discovery Center, Fossils Cyber-Display

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Other Related Links

bulletThe Joggins Fossil Cliffs

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If you wish to contact us, you can by:

E-Mail:   Andrew:

By Mail: The Software Artist Limited, 195 Ellis Street, Chatham, Ontario, Canada, N7L 2L9

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