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The following pictures are Andrew H. Hochheimer, and may not be reposted without written permission.

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Below you will find pictures of our three wonderful dog!

Our Greater Southwestern Ontario "DOG" Tessa (Tessa Boo)

Tessa 2009

Tessa Saying "Let me in it's Cold!" - Feb 15th, 2009 


Tessa, Purebred Shetland Sheep Dog - Nov 17th, 2007 

Tessa. She still plays with the same ball today (2008) - Jun 11th, 2006

Tessa - Jun 18th, 2006

Tessa - 8 Months Old, Aug 19, 2005

Tessa - 8 Months Old, Aug 19, 2005
Tessa running around in the water at Rock Point Provincial Part

Tessa, Oct 9th, 2006

Sunny (Coming Soon)


Kerra (Rat Dog):

Kerra, 4.5lbs full Yorkshire Terrier - Oct 18th, 2008


Kerra, 4.5lbs full Yorkshire Terrier - Nov 11, 2007

Kerra, 9 week old full Yorkshire Terrier, Oct 9, 2006

Kerra Love Swimming, Jul 22, 2008

Misc Pet Pictures:

Tessa & Baby Playing

Tessa and the Baby Playing Ball - Feb 15th, 2009

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